Carrie McKenzie – Artist Halifax, Yorkshire


My original paintings are exhibited regularly at a number of galleries and venues across West Yorkshire, and through my online galleries. I am delighted that my artwork has been selected for collections in UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to original works of art, I also offer premium signed prints through my website and commercial art outlets. I teach regularly through workshops and demonstrations, and offer demo-workshops to local art societies. More recently, I have authored several books: The Art of Brusho and Brusho Colour Magic, and my editorials have been featured in The Leisure Painter and the SAA Paint magazines.




Leaning towards illustrative and contemporary, rather than traditional photo-realism, I like to explore expressionistic loose styles, which bring out my own fascination with colour, light and essence of my subjects. I paint in most mediums: oils, acrylics, pen and ink, watercolour and Brusho. I love the purity and translucence of watercolours for their radiance and magical effects when paint and water mingle on the paper to shape the image in exquisite ways. Oils inspire me with their buttery flexibility and depth of colour. Acrylics enthuse me with their versatility and vibrant colours. And there is much to admire in the evocative power that the starkness and simplicity of pen and ink brings to the artist’s portfolio.


All of which should tell you that I have not yet decided on a ‘definitive style’ of painting – in fact, I am positively joyous about discovering new pigments, methods, techniques and so-called ‘styles’ – I just can’t resist the wonderful abundance of opportunity in art !



I have trained with some of the leading national and internationally acclaimed artists, who have somewhat influenced the development of my own personal style. Born and brought up Yorkshire, I am fascinated at the play of light and colour that completely changes the appearance of the environment, its people and wildlife. So many great artists have tried to capture the fascination of light in their work – it is, I think, one of the most transformational aspects of any painting. I am constantly striving to reflect the impact of light and colour into my own work. I never seem to be short of ideas for what to paint; my constant inspiration comes from the beautiful and fascinating world around us.


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